Hi and thank you for visiting my website and taking the time to find out a little bit about me and my journey into designing and creating beautiful and unique jewellery.

I started on my jewellery making journey about 15 years ago making beaded jewellery as a way to relax after leaving a very highly stressful job in animal welfare.
I saw an ad for a jewellery making course at the local  TAFE college & thought it would be something I would love to do and was taught by the very talented Liz Gardener on the basics of silversmithing.
I fell in love with it, but unfortunately still had to pay the bills, so it was just a small hobby for a while.

I’d sell at markets, but didn’t really have enough time to create as much as  I wanted or needed to keep up with the demand, as I had just started up another small business.
I started working for myself & the jewellery making took a back seat for a number of years. 


A couple of years ago I decided to slow down and follow my desire to create and spend more time on refining my art and studying different techniques
So now here I am fulfilling my passion of creating beautiful and unique jewellery that will last a lifetime.
I treasure this opportunity and consider myself very lucky that I am able to follow my dreams and keep learning and adding to my collection for others to wear and it really does give me a thrill when people fall in love with one of my creations, as what their purchasing is actually a piece of  time in my life and something that is made with a whole lot of love and a little of my  soul .
Thank you for visiting my site and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. or maybe we can collaborate and  create a custom piece for you or someone special.
Just shoot me a message on the contact form, text or call and we can arrange a time to chat.

Shannon Bride